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Twins in Astrology - A New Theory

Twins in Astrology
Author: Débora Rodrigues Mechica Miguel

This article was published in February 2014 at:                                   http://www.constelar.com.br/constelar/188_fevereiro14/gemeos-na-astrologia.php

We know that two bodies can’t occupy the same space. And that law applies also in Astrology. We know that a pregnant mother of twin, carries in a same space two or more bodies, but "each in its square". And how does this theory work when we think of Astrology? We know that the vast majority of twins come with a very distinct personality trait. And so, they seem not even been born from the same belly, now imagine having almost the same Natal Chart.
Astrology tries to explain the difference in the personality of the twins based on the short time difference, what all of us, Astrologers, know that it doesn’t convince almost anyone, and not even ourselves. Yes, a few minutes distance apart on a Natal Chart can make a small change, but not enough for the huge difference of behavior and personality that the vast majority of twin brothers bring during their whole lives. And free will also does not convince.  So how can that be explained?
Finally the answer to that question came.
And the answer came through a spiritual intervention. A mentor came to me on November 17, 2013, at 12:20pm and explained in detail how Astrology works out for twins. The mentor asked me to do a research on the subject, reap information, do a case study and send this theory for the maximum amount of Astrologers and Astrological Communities too, so they would have access to the theory and could test and see themselves that the theory really works. And it really seems to work. Based on the research I did, I can say that the theory works because the readings of Natal Charts of twin brothers had one hundred percent accuracy. It was explained that this would be the first step of many. This theory is the tip of the wool ball. There's a lot there to unwind. It has a lot to prove. This was only the first step. And the first step goes like this:
The first point to analyze is the Mother’s Globe. The Mother’s Globe is nothing more than the mother's womb. This womb becomes the main stage at reading Twin Astrological Charts.
According to the images above, the Globe reflects the Astrological birth Chart. But this Globe is equal for all mothers. It is fixed. The chart changes, but The Mother’s Globe doesn’t.

The cardinal points of the womb are very important. The first reference is the heart. The heart is always on the left side. Opposite of the heart is the East point and we can say that it's the ascendant point printed at the time of birth of the babies. That is, if one of the babies is on the right side of the mother’s womb, he or she will be automatically on the ascendant side of this Globe and the other baby will be on the descendant side of the Globe. If the babies are crossed, one can be on the North side or at the Zenith quadrant, and the other one on the South side or the Nadir quadrant.

Note well the following Image:

Here we have a twin image. Each twin occupies a space in the mother’s womb. During the entire gestation these babies will move back and forth inside the belly until, at some stage, the space will be scarce and the babies will have less mobility and will be quieter and accommodated. And there, between the eighth and ninth month, if all goes well, one of the babies will be centered and will be the first one out.
I believe that throughout the pregnancy, the influences of the planets are very important. But this is a subject for another research. Now what matters is:
The moment of birth and the quadrant of the babies at the due date
            Where each baby is inside the womb makes all the difference at the due time. As well as in the pregnancy of a single baby, which is printed a Natal Chart at the time the baby comes out of the mother's womb and breathes for the first time, with the twins is almost the same thing, only with a slight difference: just before the first baby is born, it's important that we know the exact location of each baby for associating the planets, signs, asteroids, Arabic parts, fixed stars and all there is in the sky. The quadrants are essential for this reading. Done this, the babies will be born. The first one comes out and the time of birth is written down, and minutes or hours later comes the second, which also receives its time of birth and the time of the first breath. There we go! We have the Natal Charts of the children. But now, knowing properly where each baby was minutes before birth. And with that information, we can draw the differences in personality for each baby. How? I'll explain below.

We have to remember that inside the mother’s womb there are two or more babies. And these babies are receiving the energies and influences of our whole Solar System, as well as of the Constellations and the Universe at large. Since there are two or more lives being formed inside the womb, the energy of all the Planets, the Moon, the Sun and everything else influence strongly the babies. But one will receive more the energy of the planets than the other. The planets need special attention. How these planets radiate the babies makes a difference when reading a chart. The Planets that vibrate to a baby will not vibrate the same way and with the same intensity for the other baby. That is why it is so important that we know the positions of babies before birth. These Planets will be in a quadrant in the Astrological Wheel. Astrologers know how important the quadrants are within Astrology and how each of them acts in everyone’s personality. The position of the babies and the quadrants in which they are make all the difference in the personality of each baby. If a baby is on the right side of the mother’s belly, or on the East side (ascending), that child will receive the energies that this quadrant emanates.

And as the Image shows, let’s give as an example for these influences: the baby that's on the East side, just before the due time or at the time the water broke, is getting strong energy from  the Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, the South Node and Pluto while the other baby receives these energy with less intensity. But let's use the example only for the Sun here. Let's pretend that the Sun is in the sign of Pisces.

Now, the baby on the West side, or descending receives the strong influence of Quiron, Mars, Neptune, Uranus, the North Node, of the wheel of fortune and the Moon, and the other baby  receives a little less energy under these influences. Let's say that the Moon is in the sign of Virgo.
With these two information, we can see that the baby that's on the East side will have more influence of Pisces, mainly because the Sun is on his side of the chart, and this will bring a sharper Pisces personality than the other baby. And by the quadrant in which the baby is, he or she will be more active and independent and less sociable. And as each planet, each asteroid, each Arabic part, every fixed star, each sign and every aspect, we can relate what is on the East side of the chart to the baby.
Now, with the baby on the West side, we can say that he or she receives a strong influence of the Moon, meaning that this Virgo Moon will make the baby more organized and disciplined than the other one. And the quadrant in which the baby is shows that he or she will be more passive and dependent needing others to decide to act, unlike the other baby. These are some of the basic examples of how we can read twin charts.

But then comes the question about more than two babies. In these cases, we apply the same technique and theory. The mother’s womb becomes a Globe. And within this Globe each space, each quadrant has its meaning. Every corner inside the mother's belly receives the influences of the Planets and of the quadrants, even if a baby is over the other baby. Remembering always that two bodies cannot occupy the same space. That is, each will have a space to call their own in the Mother’s Globe.

Monozygotic twins and dizygotic twins

So far on the research, there is not much difference between monozygotic twins and dizygotic twins for an analysis of Natal Chart and personality. In the case of monozygotic twins what can occur is a larger connection between them, or a sharper sensitivity among the siblings. But this is not a rule.

Planets in the middle of the two twins

Like the image beside, we have an example of Quiron  that is exactly between the two babies. In this case, Quiron vibrates evenly for the two babies. Both receive the same amount of energy of this asteroid.
As happened with the chart of one of the twins surveyed, I will use as an example the meaning of this Quiron position on their charts and the reason why the burden of this asteroid was divided equally for the two sisters: the Quiron represents their father's death. This fact shocked the two sisters equally. The two continued living their lives without a father, but fighting and healing the wound of the absence of such an important figure. (Just remembering that this image has nothing to do with the chart of the twin sisters, it has to do only with the positioning of Quiron). And so this Quiron is positioned this way, at the bottom of the sky, on the cusp of the Nadir. And with this position, we can get a lot of information and come out with many conclusions.
That is, when the power of a Planet, Asteroid, Arabic Parts, Fixed Stars, etc. are exactly between the twins, the energy will be divided equally for each of them. If it was Jupiter, for example, both would receive the expansions that only this planet emanates.

  Planets on one side of the Astrological Chart

There is a possibility that all, or nearly all the Planets might be at  only one side of the Natal Chart and consequently vibrating more to a baby than to the other. In these cases, the baby that is on the side that there are no Planets, will receive a very bland energy from each Planet, and so may be more passive than the other baby. But we have to look at the signs, the houses, the quadrants, the degrees and the Fixed Stars in this baby side. All this information can tell a lot about the children’s personality. Now, the baby that receives all the influences of the Planets must be analyzed very carefully, because it would be like if this baby were under a Stellium and all that energy can bring an overload or a great strain for him. And so, there comes a question, and then you ask me: how would that be, if all people, not twins, receive this same charge of energy in the birth chart? It's a great question. But here we're talking about shared energy. How the energy is distributed between twins and not twins is totally different. It's like the Universe knowing that inside that mother’s wombs were two or more lives and not just one and this Universe works as the need for sharing. Now, if this shared energy is unbalances among the participants, can mean a huge difference in personality between the twins – typical of those twin brothers and sisters that  look at each other and say: "it is impossible that we are siblings, and on top of that, twins"  they would be the opposite of each other.
All the Planets that vibrates in the Houses and in the Signs will be whipped to the opposite sign and House. Example: Sun in Virgo – reflecting Sun in Pisces and Sun at the eighth house–reflecting the Sun at the second house. In short, they would be the opposite and complementary siblings.

Normal delivery and C-sections: who comes first is what matters

The due time is a very important moment for astrology. It is at this time that our Natal Chart is printed for the rest of our lives. The way we're born,  like the Image beside, doesn't matter much and does not modify our Natal Chart. It is what it is and that is it. And that happens also with the twins. Of course! In normal delivery, the baby that is centered will naturally be the first one out. Now in Cesarean, the baby who is close to the vaginal canal will be the first one out. And if that was the case, this baby near the vaginal canal would probably be the first one out also. The fact is that the personality of the first baby born is quite distinct from the second. And this is another very important point to the astrological twins chart readers.
The first baby brings an Aries trait. Not that this baby will be how a baby with the Sun sign in Aries is. He or she will take the initiatives a trailblazer or be pioneer. That is, in general terms, this baby will
have more energy, will have more initiative. This baby will be more active and independent than the other baby. This happens because of the possibility of the first baby being on the ascendant side days before due date. And that position makes this baby receive all that quadrant energy. Even if the babies are sitting up or crossed (Image), that possibility is huge. The baby that is the Nadir will receive the initiator energy and attitude of the ascendant, different from the one in the Zenith, which will be more contained in attitudes and in Acting.

In conclusion
Now we have a possible answer to the great mystery of twins in Astrology. Of course, based on these topics, there will be new issues, new questions, more doubts. But the cards were brought to the table and it is time to explore this issue especially because for many years this issue was the most avoided by Astrologers. Today we can say that there is indeed a way to analyze and read efficiently and effectively twin Natal Charts.

Yes, we can see the differences between the siblings. We can understand why the success of one and the difficulty of obtaining the same success of the other. We can understand the skills for such diverse professions. We can understand why a sibling has more open paths and the other seems to have more difficulty to walk on its path. Today we can understand why some twins have more to do and other twin brother has nothing to do with each other. Several astrological issues can be analyzed basing their study on this theory. I am happy to say to those who come to ask me about twins in Astrology, that there is an answer to the difference in the personality of each one. And of course, with this theory, it becomes difficult that twins are similar in attitudes and personalities. Today, each twin can say they have their own, unique and individual Chart.

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  1. Brilliant analysis this is something that has always piqued my interest. Am not an astrologer just a seeker and I appreciate astrology as a tool for self discovery.

  2. Brilliant analysis this is something that has always piqued my interest. Am not an astrologer just a seeker and I appreciate astrology as a tool for self discovery.

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